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Small Folk is a 4v1 asymmetrical game where four players are pitted against one larger character. The four "Small Folk" start off each game with one simple objective: find food, bring it back to the spawn zone, and stay alive. The "Exterminator" is tasked with catching all of the Small Folk. Each time he catches one it subtracts a life. When the lives are out, it's game over for the Small Folk. If the Small Folk survive and get enough food back to their spawn zone they win. The Small Folk have to use their movement and the environment to their advantage to out-smart the Exterminator. The Exterminator uses his vacuum device and a variety of other traps to capture the Small Folk.


Small Folk.zip 319 MB


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Very interesting game. I'm wondering if I'm missing something though. The description says 4vs1 but when I play the game I only manage to get 3 vs 1???

Is there an AI controlled player in split screen?